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A cordless, high power underwater video light.

The PV200 Underwater Light

Combining the efficiency of HMI lighting with the power of LITHIUM ION batteries, this radical new system is raising the bar to a dazzling level of portable lighting power.

Uncompromising Performance
• Illumination equivalent to a 650W halogen light.
• Two lamp heads can be connected to one single battery pack for an illumination equivalent to a 1300W halogen light.

Exceptional Versatility
• The modular PV200 can transform instantly from a single unit into a two parts system.
• Two underwater connectors can power two lamp heads with one battery pack.
• The lamp head can be hand held or mounted on an arm for film and video cameras.
• The battery pack can be replaced underwater for extended use.
• Beam configuration can be changed from flood to spot lighting.
• The PV200 light can be used above and under water.

Ease of Operation

PV200 in Action • Modular design and streamlined profile makes the PV200 a user-friendly system ready to perform under water and above.
• All normal operations and maintenance can be done by hand.
• Automatic battery charge.

The Lamp Head

Housing: Hard anodized aluminum
Diameter: 5"
Length: 12"
Submersed weight: neutral
Dry weight: 7 lbs.
Color temperature: 5600 K Bulb life: 300 hours
Depth rating: 300'

Electronic Package
PV200 in Action • 200W HMI bulb
• Electronic ballast with overheat cut-off
• Hot re-strike capability

Power Module
Housing: Hard anodized aluminum
Diameter: 5"
Length: 17"
Submersed weight 10 oz
Dry weight: 13 lbs.
Depth rating: 300'

Electronic Package
•Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack with redundant voltage and short circuit protection
•Electronic moisture alarm
•Burn time: up to two hours
with one lamp head, up to one hour with two lamp heads.

The PV200 offers an extremely powerful cordless light source under and above water.

Its versatility opens a broad
range of applications
such as:
• Professional underwater film and video productions
• Industrial dive operations
• Cave diving
• Technical diving
• Search and Rescue above and under water
• Law enforcement agencies
• Armed Forces
• Emergency Response

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The PV200 is available for rental, or long-term lease.
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